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It WAS a double celebration in conjunction with the Alter Ego art exhibition and Halloween last Sunday at the Core Design Galery.

However, it was not the finale as the exhibition which was supposed to end on Oct 31, will be extended till Nov 7.

It was aptly named Black & White Night to signify the art pieces at the exhibition that were drawn with charcoal.

Guests dressed in black and white in accordance to the theme.

The celebration was held in a relaxed atmosphere as guests chilled out on the sofas and chairs as they admired the pieces.

Except for Haris Ahmad Hamsani who could not make it, the other participating artists Ali Nurazmal Yusoff, Samsuddin Lappo and Zulkiflee Zainul Abidin attended the event and interacted with guests.

All four are part of the Dikala Jingga group of six.

“It’s a celebration, a gathering with friends, a chance to meet new people as well as a chance to entertain.

“I consider myself an entertainer, whether through visual art, which I call wall entertainment, or music. Music is related to my art work, it’s in one package,” Ali Nurazmal said.

To prove his point, he and other fellow artists Raja Lope and Bob performed a few songs for guests at the event.

Zulkiflee Zainul Abidin felt that the Black & White Night is a good opportunity to interact with others in the industry.

“As an artist, we have to be open to criticism and feedback,” he said.

It was interesting to note that Suddin Lappo’s drawings at the exhibition were all untitled.

“I want people to focus on the art work and interpret it for themselves rather than being guided by the title.

“This exhibition is considered a ‘light’ one as there was no stress producing the art works although the subjects of the portraits I drew had stressed expressions,” he said.

‘Alter Ego’ is on till Sunday at Core Design Gallery, 87, Jalan SS15/2A, Subang Jaya. For details call 012-6117 976 prior to visiting or e-mail sue@coredesigngallery.com.

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