THIS IS IT : BLACK & WHITE (Art Malaysia Magazine)

Merely hanging paintings, pictures, photographs or visual artwork on a wall – stylish as it once was, is a thing of the past. These days, with people paying more attention to the concept of ‘modern contemporary living’, home and property owners are moving towards filling their living space with decor pieces, artworks that symbolize their tastes and character yet still lends a sense of sophistication to the surrounding.

Core Design Gallery explores the trend with their exhibition entitled THIS IS IT – Black & White, that decorative art does not necessarily need to be confined to something that is framed and hung on a wall. Showcasing works from 16 artists, each from their own unique artistic background, the exhibition seeks to prove that design is all about bringing together form and content which can contribute to enriching the quality of people’s lives. Plus, THIS IS IT serves as a platform to heighten awareness amongst designers, both interior and architectural, that Malaysian artwork can be incorporated into their modern contemporary designs for today’s society.

Visitors to the show were treated with extraordinary art forms, the product of the artist’s hollistic perspective constructed with edgy structures. Excite your senses with mind-boggling pieces that would challenge your perspective, with works that are placed far from the conventional norm- which inevitably raise questions such as: How do they do it? How does this artwork operate ? How can I incorporate this into my space? See forms that are presented before your eyes that you’ve never previously thought to be possible. The pieces on show are bound to stir up the human emotion, and provoke contemplation.

Even if you might not see eye to eye with the exhibits, at the very least, you can take pride in the fact that this showcase flaunts the new possibilities, the new evolution of the Malaysian artists.

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