High T with…Hilal Mazlan (Malaysia Tatler)


TITTLE TATTLE : what is the story behind your career choice ? HILAL Mazlan : In truth, my story as an artist is still green as I am considered a fresh graduate. I saw art as a way to express my views based on what I see daily and my response to these observations. I have to say that it has been quite a challenge as there is a lack of awareness among Malaysians about the rich culture of local art and its advancement in the modern era.

TT : Do explain further about the inspiration or concept behind the sculptures that you did for ‘ROAR – A Brutalism Art Exhibition’

HM : The 1950s saw the introduction of brutalism into the architectural world. It is raw, direct and serious. Brutalism in architecture is also about inexpensive design and construction methods. This was the framework in mind while I was constructing my work. I do not want to think of art as a burden. The material that i chose such as recycled mechanical parts and woods, the techniques and skills that I use (welding and constructing) are parallel to the concept that derive from brutalist architecture. Although the form is more robotic, it is my own contemporary way of presenting brutalism art.

TT : Looking at your past exhibitions, you seem to turn to architecture and construction as inspiration for your art. How important this subject is to you?

HM : As I mentioned earlier, art is how I respond to the environment around me. My prevoius exhibition before ROAR was about my childhood experience on the appreciation of the Malay people on ‘forgotten’ traditional architecture and its gradual abandonment- rather than the architecture or construction of the Malay homes itself. As we all know, without the past there will never be the present. So that is why it is important.

TT : What subject would you like to address in your next project?

HM : I am currently searching on toys as a subject matter. Toys were previously known to be a tool for kids to play with, but adults now enjoy action figures and DIY toys as well. My aim is to share my form of abstraction for my viewers to enjoy. With my works, I plan to celebrate the ways in how different forms of art are enriching our lives.

TT : What do you hope to accomplish next, professionally?

HilaL mazlan featured in Malaysia Tatler August 2012 issue to talk about the latest exhibition he joined and his future plans in the art scene.

HilaL mazlan featured in Malaysia Tatler August 2012 issue to talk about the latest exhibition he joined and his future plans in the art scene.

HM : I want to hold an exhibition in an open space such as grand shopping complexez. I want my art to reach out to Malaysians. I want to see and listen to their responses to my work. Finally, I want to do my best in interpreting what art is to everyone.


Exploring the subject of brutalism architecture, the CORE DESIGN GALLERY presents ‘ROAR – A Brutalism Art Exhibition’ throughout August. Browse through the raw, anomalous, original artworks of 15 emerging local artists, which includes Hilal Mazlan. Marvel at the curious sculptures and art installations on display that are formed with still and unpliable raw materials such as concrete, metal, stone and wood. For more information, visit www.coredesigngallery.com.

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