Oeuvre of Movement No 2 – Art Highlight (Malaysia Tatler)

M.Shafarin Ghani

M Shafarin Ghani’s fourth exhibition, Oeuvre of Movement No 2 – Yang Tersembunyi (Malay for ‘the hidden’), potrays him as a self-taught artist, poet, musician and painter who has come full circle. His previous exhibition, Oeuvre of Movement No 1 was merely an intriduction while No 2 marks the highest point of his skills thus far, where every self-honed artistic element inside of him merged to produce 10 larger-than-life paintings that will blow your mind. The 30-year old Penang native has infused his signature chiaroscuro style into the paintings and the waves seem to roll in tandem with his favourite Beethoven symphony before the seascape disappears beyond the horizon. The colours in this series are more vivid, an apt reflection of his fiery spirit. Shafarin’s latest exhibition runs from October 16 to November 30 at Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya.M.Shafarin Ghani.Prestige Magazine.Oct 2011

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