ROAR OF THE BRUTALISTS – Malaysia Art Gallery Guide (MAGG)

Raw, Concrete Art

The word “Brutalists” may evoke the imagery of raw violence savagery to many but it in fact has very little to do with the word ‘brutal’. Brutalist comes from the french term for raw concrete, beton brut, and has since been used to refer to a rough, utilitarian style of architecture which was popular from the 1950s till the 1970s, Its perceived ‘Unfriendliness’ resulted in the style falling out of favour soon after, but the imposing designs live on to continue inspire future generations.

with that said, it’s rare to find an exhibition that emanates so much raw energy as ROAR of the brutalists. A project inspired by the Brutalist architectural style and put together by CORE Design Gallery, ROAR of the brutalists showcases the brutalist-inspired works of 20 Malaysian artists handcrafted from metal, concrete, stone and wood into various 3-dimensional art forms which are fascinating to behold.

Often, art is presented carefully polished. ROAR of the brutalists on the other hand emphasized the rawness and exposed the very core of each artwork you see, creating an interesting experience of jarring, but ultimately refreshing, honesty.

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