OEUVRE OF MOVEMENT NO. 2 – yang tersembunyi (Art Malaysia Magazine)

M.Shafarin Ghani presents his second solo exhibition, featuring his characteristic surreal seascapes that evoke the melodies, and flow of the artist’s other loves ; poetry and music. This young Penang born artist’s time spent soul-searching and researching along with his experience visiting and painting at Lake Toba, seems to have broadened his horizons, resulting in more ambitious paintings of oceanic subjects with stronger colours and compositions. Shafarin’s latest works remind of the atmospheric Romantic scapes, with more than a touch of the fantastical, the classical quality perhaps aptly reflects Shafarin’s own musical preferences.

Officated by Lee Khai, Penang Museum Board and Penang State Art Gallery Committee member, the exhibition featured 10 artworks. The strains Shafarin’s original music composition accompanies the viewing experiences.
Promoting us to explore ‘yang tersembunyi’, or the hidden. What is obvious to the eye is that Shafarin has taken his series to another level. However, the best is yet to come as Shafarin goes forth into the world and doubtless will return to produce even more stirring artworks.

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