In Touch : Cirque Du Freak – Art Malaysia Magazine

artworks of the 4 participating artists : Faizal Suhif, Raja Lope Rasydi, Syam Asmawi and Ali Nurazmal. The ‘beyond normal’ nature of the works of the 4 artists, ranging from young artists to those with over 20 years of experience provokes various various emotional responses from the viewers.

Two different themes can be seen from the different pairs..Faizal’s Suhif and Raja Lope’s works brings viewers to an “Underworld” of their own, while Syam Asmawi and Ali Nurazmal expressed their familiarity with modern culture -books, magazines, televisions, movies and advertisements – through their works.

In the show, the four-artists touch on a wide range of topics, such as life, death, fantasy, pop culture and many more, making Cirque Du Freak not only an artistic but an intellectual jouney as well.

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