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Strange creatures and sceneries dominate art pieces

A total of 11 artists gave their own interpretation of contemporary landscape art at an exhibition organised by Core Design Gallery.

One of them, Raja Lope Rasydi used only acrylic colours and air brush techniques to create a mystical setting filled with imaginative creatures and landscapes in his painting Baroh.

His artwork tells the tale of a group of mystical creatures led by the magical fairies, a blind Batcat, a ferocious Grygon (half Gryphon, half dragon) and a gentle destroyer robot that concocted an ambush plan of the forbidden, dark kingdom of Baroh.

The painting is filled with human-like trees, a mountain in the shape of a mermaid, mushrooms growing inside out and other strange creatures from the artist’s imagination.

Meanwhile, “The dark Side of the Earth” by Ashriq Sudin is a metaphoric form of landscape art with mixed medium on aluminium foil.

The colour contrast of black and white has given a strong impact. The black portion was painted similar to the moon’s surface while the white splashed with black paint is to show a tainted and damaged earth.

“People always see the moon as beautiful, but it is lifeless. If people continue to clear land unnecessarily, the earth will eventually become as dead as the moon,” he said.

The art exhibition serves as a platform to promote and develop local emerging artists and their revolutionary contemporary artwork to the public.

“Malaysian art is going to a different level with local contemporary artists bringing different perspectives to landscape art.

“There are more than 100 local artists who want a chance to express what they can do and say with art,” said art director Scarlette Lee

Blended with vibrant and dark colours, artist Syam Asmawi’s “The Power of the Powerless” was embedded with subtle meaning to show the transformation of Malaysia’s political landscape and how people reacted to it.

“Leaders have no power unless one is voted by the people of the country and leaders are the ones to determine the foundation and future of the country. As an artist, I have the power to express my opinions through art,” he said while explaining that his artwork of mixed medium of wood placed on top of each other is to signify the earth different’s mountains and rivers.

The same can be said for Faizal Suhif who painted ‘Di Batasan Sepi’ with charcoal and oil pastel on a barren padi field, mangrove and cemetery.

“My art transports us to two different worlds, the world of reality and the afterlife. It shows that it is important that we do good deeds in our current life to prepare to enter the next life,” he said.

The art exhibition also features fine arts as well as kinetic sculpture by seven other artists. They are Azli Wahid, Akhmal Asyraf, Azzad Diah, Haffadzi Che Rose, Haafiz Shahimi, Syafiq Hariz, Syed Zamzur Akasah.

The Landscaping Malaysian Art exhibition is held at 87, Jalan SS15/2A, Subang Jaya, from 10am – 7pm every day, until April 22. For details, contact Scarlette Lee at 03-5612 1168.

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