High T with…Ali Nurazmal (Malaysia Tatler)


TITTLE TATTLE: What was the trigger that resulted in your realist figurative art which you have won most acclaim?

ALI NURAZMAL : I started painting human figures since I was young. However, during the 90s human figurative paintings were not in trend and contemporary art was not even recognised then. Only in the past 10 years or so has figurative painting started to become a trend. I took back to this path again seriously during my first solo Satire in Paint. For the past four years, all the figurative paintings are a manifestation of my earlier works – which in retrospect developed to this stage.

TT : Where do the elements of humour in your work (clown-like figure smoking in a serious painting like Caravaggio) come from?

AN : I’ve always proclaimed to be an entertainer, the visual imageries are humourous and witty and at the same time bizarre for its context, Imitation Master-After Caravaggio II is ornate and elaborate in camouflaging the real idea. Only at close inspection, one will discover the dark side and cynicism in the issues of the contemporary lifestyle we are in. With many of the visual imageries, I painted my own potrait in it. Some describe it as self-obsession; however, I am just obsessed with absorbing myself into the mood and situation of the paintings.

TT : Being a realist figurative painter, what are the challenges that the contemporary art world pose to you?

AN : I think that artists today have much more freedom to choose their particular way of making art regardless of their choice of medium, format and style. It’s the content that makes it contemporary and not necessarily the choice of medium. I liken myself very much to Caravaggio who at his time was painting the contemporary trend rather than following the Baroque style church patrons.

TT : Tell us about your third solo ‘Alism’ exhibiting all this month?

AN : Alism is a deep search into my art and my soul to find the ultimate-ism. Throughout the past 20 years , I have dabbled in and learnt the many different styles of painting, from abstract to expressionism and medium, from watercolour to oil on canvas. I am in search of finding the way or even the style that can combine all my knowledge that expresses my identity-Ali.


In the short span of his prolific career, the 30’s something Ali Nurazmal has carved an idelible niche for himself in the Malaysian contemporary art scene by creating a unique visual identity to his work. Ali Nurazmal is fundamental by a painter who brings the elements of’old’ touches inti the contemporary era through his strong and bold strokes of painting human figures, Catch the showcase of Alism, his third solo, at Core Design Gallery until August 31, 2012. Visit www.coredesigngallery.com for info.

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