Working on Big Canvas – Ali Nurazmal (Star Metro Paper)

FROM Ali Nurazmal Yusoff’s third solo show alism, one can tell that this is a patriotic artist who truly hopes and believes that Malaysians are capable of making their mark on the international scene.

Look closely and you will discover the Malaysian flag hidden in one of his paintings, Imitation Master-After Caravaggio Legacy.

From his last solo in 2010, Ali Nurazmal took a break of two years to work on this show.

There was a sketch of Caravaggio to kick-start the show, exhibited at Core Gallery.

Labour of love: Ali spent eight months to complete ‘Imitation Master-After Caravaggio II’.
The last benchmark painting Imitation Master After Caravaggio was first witnessed in 2009.

Now, three years later, he has created the seminal Imitation Master series.

Imitation Master-After Caravaggio II took him eight months, on and off, to finish.

“Most of the time, people could only see the end result.

“During that eight months, I captured every stroke from the start till the end. This is so that people can see the process,” he said.

The video of the painting process can be viewed at the gallery.

One will notice that like in some of his previous works, the apple is included in some of the paintings such as M-United and Networking this time around too.

“To me, the ‘apple’ is a symbol of Malaysian products, I want it to be known outside Malaysia; the characters in the painting are those who want to use the apple to penetrate the market.

“Malaysians always look up to foreigners, hence I use Caravaggio as a reference, to draw people’s attention,” he said.

“Being a full-time artist is not easy. We also have to compete with technology.

Spot the apple: An oil-painting titled ‘M-United’.
“My main point is to create awareness and for Malaysians to see Malaysian artworks. Malaysians should support Malaysians.”

Imitation Master-After Caravaggio Legacy is a tongue-in-cheek piece of work as he combined two different paintings and even included himself as a subject in the painting.

“I admire the artists from ancient times. How could they paint such realistic artworks (without the help of technology)?

“During our time now, it should be better but why don’t I see it? So I challenged myself, and kept away from distractions so I can concentrate,” he said.

Lastly, on a philosophical note, he said, “Art is not just about painting, it is a way of thinking, it can be used to improve a system; art is life.”

Core Design Gallery is at 87, Jalan SS15/2A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. Opening hours are 10am to 7pm daily.

For details, call 03-5612 1168.

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