Joint exhibition by five emerging artists

FOR nine months, five emerging artists created an artwork each for a joint exhibition to be held early next year.

The result of their commitment and determination are displayed in an exhibition dubbed Zaman Batu Contemporary which will open on Jan 13 at Core Design Gallery (CDG) in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The artists are Ali Bebit, Azli Wahid, Ashriq Sudin, Haafiz Shahimi and Jamal Zakaria. These five were specically commissioned by Scarlette Lee, artistic director of CDG, to work on only one art piece to represent them as contemporary artist and exhibit their thinking process and experimental research.

“I wanted a group of young artists who for the past two years have shown their commitment towards producing quality artworks. These artists were selected for their conceptual skills, technical research and level of effort,” said Lee, who commissioned the five artists to conceptualise their work in March this year.

“The main objective of this exhibition is to allow these artists to develop their skills and move forward to become mid-career artists.”

Ali Bebit, 27, went professional as an artist four years ago.

“Ali is still growing strong technically and conceptually. He uses junk materials such as bolts, nuts and leftover metals and transforms them into robotic-like installations,” said Lee.

Ali’s sculpture on display, titled A.W.A.S, uses metal, lights and found objects that brings together a surreal form of animal imagination.

According to Ali, objects are very powerful tools that can evoke recollections of memories.

“My work is inspired by human curiosity and the wonderful mechanism that curiosity drives,” said Ali who hails from Johor Baru.

“Futuristic machines and cyber-terrorism acts as a metaphor for my work and I juxtapose these elements to create the strongest impression for the viewers.”

Haafiz Shahimi, 26, is known for his bold strokes and drawing skills but for this exhibition, he combines pyrography, print-making and drawing to create a wave of movement.

Currently based in KL, Haafiz said he feels the need to break from traditional print-making and wants to investigate new methods in making artwork.

“It’s not easy to generate unconventional modes of thinking in an orthodox environment,” he said. “An artist is a thinker and an inventor. We are makers of unique objects and ideas.”

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