The Young and Imaginative

Exhibition showcases works of five emerging artists

AT FIRST glance, Zaman Batu Contemporary (Contempo-rary Stone Age) seems to be an art concept, but it is much more than that.

For five Malaysian artists, it is the world itself captured and expressed through different mediums and forms of art.

The exhibition, put together by Core Design Gallery, showcases the conceptualising skills, technical research and passion of the five artists.

The exhibit’s main focus is to give these emerging artists a chance to develop their art and become “mid-career” artists.

The artists began developing their ideas in March 2012 and held various discussions to see how they could help take Malaysian art to another level.

Ali Bebit, 28, started his artistic career four years ago and is still improving in terms of technicality and conceptualising his works.

Hailed as one of the rare young contemporaries who brilliantly transforms junk into sleek, robot-like installation pieces.

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