Awal hurouf Asal Hurouf by Husin Hourmain in Malaysia Art Gallery Guide

Husin Hourmain is one of the rare Malaysia Contemporary Islamic Calligraphy artist. He has spent 3 prolific years to work on these works of art from 2009 to 2011, a feat that not many Malaysian artist will undertake to complete a series of 30 Jawi alphabets. It is the first time a Malaysian artist has created his very own unique identity of our Islamic art.

Looking at each of these master pieces, each alphabet has its own distinctive character, with each year marking different emotion, expression, gestures, techniques, strokes and change of attitude, similar to each of the surah contained in the Qur’an that speaks of many messages. The importance of learning these basic alphabets also stamps Awal hurouf Asal hurouf’s intention to pose as an opportunity to enable today’s various facets of society from different religious backgrounds to trully understand Islamic religion through a simple yet aesthetically enthralling visual projection and communication.

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