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Gaze upon the artwork of gifted and acclaimed artists

MALAYSIA has several gifted contemporary artists who have won international acclaim. The work of 13 of these talented artists are being featured in the Great Malaysia Contem-porary Art Show.

The exhibition is organised by Core Design Gallery in Subang and will be showcased at the Art Expo Malaysia 2013 from Sept 19 to 22 at Menara Matrade.

The gallery’s director Scarlette Lee said they hoped to provide a platform to present Malaysian contemporary art.“We hope to showcase artists from different genres,” Lee said, adding the artists featured have been acknowledged for their work.

Quality, she said, can be defined by the three “P”s: the past, present and personal.

“The artist who is too focused on the past tends to present art that is too derivative and decorative, while an artwork that does not look beyond time will fail to be timeless. Finally, art should never be too personal or it will seem like a diary,” she added.

One of the artists is Husin Hourmain who is known for his Jawi inspired artwork. For the art show he has put forth Nota Dan Yasin Untukmu a five panel mixed media piece reflecting the five pillars of the Islamic faith with detailed calligraphy.

A personal tribute to his late father, Husin expresses himself on three levels, as a son, Malay and Muslim.“My father was a journalist and travelled extensively. I found his passport and put part of it in the painting. I had also wanted to remind the younger generation of the beauty of Jawi calligraphy,” he added.

He said the work is not about religion but language and typography.Husband and wife Tan Chin Kuan and Eng Hwee Chu express their doubts, troubles and vision in their works.Tan said the painting is part of his second series Rainy Day, a collection he was inspired to complete after finding himself confined in his artistic life.

“I was concentrating on social criticism and messages, and had to break out of that routine. I felt it was time for me to do something about myself,” he added. His frustration at not being able to progress helped him paint Rainy Day.

“It expresses my emotions — rainy days are always cloudy and sad, yet romantic. It was a suitable environment to express my emotional turmoil,” he said.

Rainy Day depicts a dead horse, an artistic revelation of the lost sense of direction. In front of the horse is a lone self portrait, with a slightly bowed head at the centre of the piece. Just like her husband, Eng was in turmoil when she painted her Searching — Facing To The New Age. As a mother, wife and artist, Eng found it hard to juggle her artistic career with her full time job as a homemaker.
Her painting depicts the confusion she faced after moving to Seremban and trying to find a solution to the problem.

“I wanted a vision of myself to find a new direction to continue my work. The painting helped me stay calm and clear,” she said.In the painting, she portrays her inner self in an energetic position, flying freely above the canvas reflecting the confidence she has garnered at this stage in her life. Representing her true self is a red figure with a sense of curiosity.

Another artist Hamir Soib, has expressed his strong opinions on art auction houses in his work with a socio-political theme.He believes these auction houses control the art market and do not allow artists to flourish.The art houses, he said promote modernist art rather than contemporary art.
“They discourage young artists with new ideas and energy. The auction houses decide which art is good based on popularity and sales instead of creativity. We should not follow the norm but be trendsetters,” he said.

Hamir’s larger-than-life painting of a Koi fish with a lateral view, forces people to look at a picture from a different perspective.He said most times, Koi are painted from an aerial view.In his work, the fish is seen inside an aquarium trapped with nowhere to go, surrounded by beautiful landscape which is submerged to reflect the loss of land through over development.

Great Malaysia Contemporary Art Show Exhibition details :-

Exhibition Venue :
Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre,Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Off Jalan Duta, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Exhibition Period :
19-21 sept : 10:30am – 7:30pm
22 sept : 10:30am – 6:00pm

Free Admission, Open for Public

For more Information, please contact :

syikin – 03 56121168 or email : syikin@coredesigngallery.com

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