Sneak Peek : Great Malaysia Contemporary Art

Core Design Gallery’s Great Malaysia Contemporary Art Project makes its highly anticipated debut during this month’s Art Expo Malaysia. This unprecedented initiative brings together a curated group of leading local contemporary artists whose museum-quality pieces range from paintings and sculptures to installations, most notably Ahmad Fuad Osman, Eng Hwee Chu, Fadhli Yusoff,and Shooshie Sulaiman.We pick three artworks to keep an eye on.

The Auctionland – Hamir Soib

Commercialism and environmental concerns are central topics in the socio-political driven ‘The Auctionland’, which depicts a large koi fish from a lateral perspective. The majestic koi represents the auction market, business transactions and economics, while the submerged landscape displays the loss of land through excessive development as a result of the buying and selling of property.

Rainy Day – Tan Chin Kuan

Tan was born in the Chinese year of the horse and the animal is often used symbolically in his body of work. The dead horse in this poignant oil-on canvas piece is a reflection of the artistic downhill spiral he endured when he first made the move to Seremban. All is not lost though – with the wide-eyed animal carcass and ‘one way’ traffic sign behind him, the bowed figure, a self portrait of Tan, is on the cusp of moving forward.

Nota dan Yasin Untukmu – Husin Hourmain

The famed contemporary calligraphist presents this infinitely personal mixed media-on canvas work, which boasts five panels that are emblematic of the five pillars of Islam. The multiple layers of paint and collage used to craft ‘Nota dan Yasin Untukmu’ embody his roles as a son, Malay and Muslim. Paying tribute to his late father, the title of the piece is named after the prayer he regularly recited

Writer : Wong Boon Ken | Timeout KL (Issue 66 September 2013)

Great Malaysia Contemporary Art MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre, Menara Matrade, Jalan Khidmat Usaha, KL (03 56121168 / Sep 19-22. Sep 19-21 10am – 7.30pm, Sep 22, 10.30am -6pm

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