LOPE art exhibition

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Searching within himself while going through a turbulent phase in his life, Raja Lope went on the path of self discovery, reflecting and re-connecting with his past and personal identity.

Reconciling with his art circle, the depth of discussions and exploration brought about a clearer insight and appreciation for his own Malay identity.

Embarking on his search, he fondly rekindles his childhood years with his grandparents by the paddy fields, of his innocent memories of the million-and-one happenings at dusk. Raja Lope rummages his memories and marvels at our wondrous traditions and folklore foretold by his forefathers. At the current age and era after a wealth of life experiences, nothing but a smile and a conscious realisation that comes to one, as we begin to relate that what may be old are untested regardless of the time…… philosophies and moral values carved in age old stories remain true to this day and age when seen in a different perspective. Art too, proven untested and ageless, becomes the perfect medium as it strives to provide the viewer with different perceptual experience.

With this is mind, LOPE is truly one-of-a-kind exhibition bringing to life our very own local Malaysian anime, a true eye-opener of our unexplored world of anime. The artist strives to re-tell age old folklore and dying cultural traditions of kuda kepang, wau, orang bunian and Wayang Kulit to a palatable and richer visual for the new generation.

Concurrently in an attempt to correlate with our contemporary world of technology and mobility, Raja Lope has brought to life the robotic features in his characters; primarily stemming from his fascination and intrigue of notable artists H R Giger (who has captured the world with his Alien character and illustrator Hajime Soriyama. This particularly sparks a sense of connection for fans of famed movies like Star Wars, I Robot, Alien, Avatar amongst others.

Aimed to wow audiences beyond barriers of age or culture, Raja Lope has embraced the western technology of airbrushing, employing layering and shadowing skills in his paintings to provide viewers with a high definition visual experience. Drawing us away from our daily chase of comforts and wealth, the artist maintains a simple wish……for us to take a step back and immerse ourselves in the paintings which are so hyper realist, yet familiar at the same time, to wonder and dream away that anything or everything is sweet and possible.

Stories that are significant to every Malaysian, yet so easily forgotten in this rat race of our society….let us re-live our memories and traditions once again….. together as one.

By: Elaine Loh

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