RAGE solo exhibition by Haafiz Shahimi- MAGG

A prodigy in his own genre, Malaysian artist Haafiz Shahimi boldly introduces us to his art of print-making using pyrography in his latest solo exhibition, RAGE, from 5 May to 15 June at Core Design Gallery. Pyrography is defined as the art of decorating materials, normally wood with burnt marks through the controlled application of a heated object.

Hailing from Sungai Petani, Kedah, Haafiz was already representing the Kedah state at National Visual Arts Gallery Malaysia in their art exhibition at the young age of 16. Haafiz continues on his art journey to pursue his degree in Fine Arts, majoring in print-making in Mara Universiti of Technology (UiTM). Admittedly it was a long journey where he hints on resistance towards his choice of use of pyrography in his art. However, Haafiz persevered on with pyrography with in-depth research involving thermodynamics in his print-making works.

After almost 3 years of research into the use of pyrography in art, Haafiz completed a series of impressive artworks with fishes as his theme of the day. These fishes were primarily self-made metal blocks from scrap metal pieces, imprinted onto
PVC in varying patterns. Kembali Bernafas signifies Haafiz’s continual progression in his art, where the human element is introduced. Championing nature’s beauty, Haafiz synchronises hues of green into his blue waters suggestive of the richness of the cool blue waters. Kembali Bernafas proves to be not a mere charm of an eye-pleaser but provides a more powerful personification of the human character; our strong will and perseverance to rise victorious and confident above all challenges and competition alike.

His somewhat rebellious nature spurs his quest for creativity and ultimately, perfection. Naturally pyrography remains his forte amidst all his other artistic pursuits. Hence the choice of ‘writing with fire’ or inthis case ‘drawing with fire’ is a natural progression to channel his fire effectively. Whilst there lies clear dangers in working with fire, pyrography is an art that may require frequent trials to achieve the desired results as one needs to mold the metal blocks appropriately. Mischievously so, the artist reveals a trade secret to the art of using pyrography… is not to achieve perfection but to create accidental beauty. Nevertheless with much said and done, Haafiz displays no less artistic skills as he creatively designs and innovates his prints into aesthetically pleasing artworks.

Boasting diverse talents in varying fields of creative arts from performing arts to fine art, Haafiz is an undeniable forerunner of his generation. Being the first of its kind in Malaysia, his courageous approach and devilish smile hints on a prodigy-in-the-making as he persistently champions his art of print-making through pyrography. His bold drawing skills and vast techniques employed in his artworks exhibit his commitment to his passion and versatility in producing artworks that leave one in wonder for the next. His precise and meticulous drawing in Limitless has left many wondering his skill and technique. With the illusion of print on this painting, one is truly awed by the clarity and dull-like effect of
the human face upon realisation that no transference of image was present here, but mere free hand drawing of the artist.
At only age of 27, Haafiz is truly the upcoming artist to look out for in the Malaysia contemporary art scene. In his upcoming solo exhibition, one also get to witness his strong imaginary free hand abstraction of figure and landscapes. Conceptually strong and instrumental, one is kept at the edge of his seat in curious wait for Haafiz’s next important piece.

For more information, visit www.malaysiacontemporaryart.coredesigngallery.com

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