The Backward Leadership

A man on the golden throne is inevitably the man on top of the world, ruling over his conquest. The Backward Leadership depicts a central figure with outstretched arms signifying his undeniable stature as an important leader. Irksomely true, only the mere rear posterior of the leader is pictured here, as the artist clearly paints that which appears to the people. A leader too caught up with absolute power and ego to stay on the throne will not be able to bring the “rakyat” forward. The aggressive figure on the left and the conforming figure on the right represent the division of the political ideologies. It remains to be pondered whether the rising of right and left factions generally brings progression for the people or merely to unravel conflicts…..a question that remains…to be reflected and only answered within and by the people themselves.


Title: The Backward Leadership

Artist: Haafiz Shahimi

Size: 161 cm x 274 cm

Medium: Oil and Charcoal on Canvas

Year: 2014


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