Kami Mudah Lupa

Kami Mudah Lupa or We Forget too Easily, a title of stark constrast from its imageries purposefully intent to convey a strong message. Mankind has often asked for the miracles of God, yet we are oblivious of nature and landscape that are provided to us. We easily forget ourselves in this rat race world, taking many things for granted, of the great Mother Nature and of those that we hold dear, our family and friends. It is a simple communal message to draw us to appreciate the everyday Mother Nature’s gifts and life’s blessings as well as the spiritual divinity present around us, where we seek it.


Title: Kami Mudah Lupa

Artist: Haafiz Shahimi

Size: 161 cm x 274 cm

Medium: Oil and Charcoal on Canvas

Year: 2014

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