The idea for this major pyrography print of the artist’s self portrait was conceived more than a year ago. It was a true one year plus of continuous experimentation that Haafiz was finally able to use canvas as the material to create a huge number of pyrography print fishes. Thus Self-Fish essentially is the climax of all his years of accumulated skills, techniques and concepts.

Looking back at Kembali Bernafas that was produced in beginning of 2013, the work seems to metaphorically reflect his struggle to highlight and surface with his innovative genre of pyrography printmaking. However in Self-Fish, the transformation is complete as the school of fishes now enshrines him, reflecting the glow of his confidence, drawing us to the more exciting wave of pyrography printmaking to come.


Title: Self-Fish

Artist: Haafiz Shahimi

Size: 214 cm x 184 cm

Medium: Pyrography Print, Charcoal, Spray Paint and Oil on Canvas finished with 2K Matte Paint

Year: 2014


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