Tawaf tidak Bernoktah

Written by: Elaine Loh

Endearingly for this artwork, the artist draws inspiration from the holy Islamic pilgrimage rituals of circling harmoniously around the Kaaba in counterclockwise direction. This artwork is a conscious reminder of our daily pursuits of time, time that is often never enough to spare. In its nature, the fishes are circling….gathering and drawing into closer proximity as it schools in harmonious unity. A common analogy in our pursuits of time, of where one experiences the gradual yet imperative overwhelming burden as deadlines draw near.


Title: Tawaf tidak Bernoktah

Artist: Haafiz Shahimi

Size: 92 cm x 92 cm

Medium: Pyrography Print and Spray Paint on canvas finished with 2K Matte Paint

Year: 2014

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