My Thoughts Running Series II

Annabelle Ng
My Thoughts Running Series II
Mixed Media between Perspex
110cm x 200cm

Written by Zoey Moo

Annabelle Ng’s approach to the black and white theme explores the relationship between disparate and contradicting elements. In My Thoughts Running Series II, the ”black” and “white” can be a number of things – herself and the other artists, the different facets of her personality, herself and her artwork, as well as her artwork and the space that it occupies. Refusing to limit herself to just expressing black and white on a superficial, surface level, she attempts to neutralise black and white into a new, ambiguous dimension – the grey.

Musically inclined, Annabelle has a rhythmical approach to her work, typically beginning her artwork from the top left corner, as is the case in My Thoughts Running Series II. Accordingly, the composition of the completed artwork tends to be heavier on the top left, growing sparser and lighter as the content flows to the right of the backdrop. It is as if she starts off with a cacophony of thoughts and impressions, which are neutralised as she progresses through her artistic process; and finally, she achieves an equilibrium in her mind and emotions that is mirrored in her artwork.

Annabelle devised an innovative method to display her artwork, sandwiching translucent parchment papers and wispy cream fabrics between two barely-perceptive sheets of Perspex. The entire artwork is suspended in mid-air with metal rods, providing a sleek finish to the piece.

Not only do the Perspex sheets permit the audience to examine and experience the work from both sides; they also allow the sunlight to filter through, imprinting shadows onto her artwork – and in turn allowing her artwork to be imprinted into the space. Thus, the entire space is now a lyrical apprehension in an ensemble of fleeting thoughts, a window into the enigmatic human mind. The surreal effect of the artwork, juxtaposed with the reality of the surroundings, seem to blur the boundaries between what’s real and what’s not.

Through an unceasing process of interacting with the artwork and channelling her thoughts and emotions into it over a prolonged duration of time, the patterns from Annabelle’s subconscious mind become etched across its surface, expressed through methods like drawings, paintings and collaging of found items. In this way, she manages to encapsulate and preserve memories and time in My Thoughts Running Series II, continuing a theme that began since her earlier works.

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