7th Heaven Series 9

Artist: Ong Oh Hup Hoe

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 90cm x 122cm

Year: 2013


It is not the trees we see everyday in reality that inhabit this painting full of chromatic vibrations; rather the trees are the result of perception thereof.

To understand Ong Oh Hup Hoe’s painting, it is essential to be in touch with the psychological dimension of energy that vibrates us…matter; the essence of all that is in existence.

The enigma of this painting dwells in the vibration of energy that one cannot draw, it lies duly conveyed by the spiritual perception of colours.

The colour combinations are sought to create a harmony flowing, like a melody of peace and serenity. The perspective or division of the painted space into panels, brings movement and suggests a connection between different dimensions, parallel but linked.

The panels are always seven, the number 7 remains the central element as it expresses the whole, the universality, the perfect balance in the esoteric symbolism. For the Pythagoreans, it was the number of a cyclic perfection, so geometrically associated to the circle. There are seven deadly sins, seven seas, musical notes, seven days a week, seven angels of the Apocalypse, seven Pleiades, seven constellations… So clearly connected to spirituality and intuition, it has the ability to intertwine magic and reality; allowing the ability to “create” magic daily.

The title of the series ‘7 Heavens’ expresses the search for paradise by all religions and spiritual movements. Ong Oh moves forth to propose a tale…a movement; the search for paradise is a quest common to all mankind. It lies as a universal need for peace and nature as a home and abode for the spirit…our souls.

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