Artist: Annabelle Ng

Medium: Acrylic, Graphite, Crayon, tree barks and printed material on linen framed with white metal and perspex

Size: 118cm in diameter (Set of 2)

Year: 2015


How does one appreciate our surrounding exterior and internal landscape of our soul simultaneously?

Annabelle successfully expresses this concept, firstly through her choice and role of materials used in the composition of her latest installation. Each material speaks its own language through its morphology.

The rigid iron, the transparent glass and the fragile fabric are versatile and permeable. These materials are parables full of meaning, are keys to understanding her work.

For Annabelle, permeability is crucial as she does not paint on canvas but rather through the weaves of the canvas. Her work needs to be viewed in its transparency, to consider and incorporate the space that welcomes it, with the shadows and penetrating light. The element of transparency that flows through the space acts as an intermediary for the artist and viewers alike.

Annabelle requests from her audience to embrace our surroundings and to enter into the reality of her artwork that is composed of overlapping layers, to appreciate the fragile balance of reality and the subconscious.

Nature in its own primitive essence remains inexplicable. The beauty and mystery of nature inspires her to project her artwork in the same mysterious manner. It allows her to distill the fragments of the soul onto canvas, untouched and pure. Minute marks unintelligible, shots of white-gray scattered with organic elements of tree bark characterizes the composition flow of her artwork.

In soft tones, Annabelle shares that the growth rings of a tree bark is one of the source of inspiration for her work. Unquestionably, the circular shapes, the concept of passing time, the spatial landscape are clearly inherent in this installation.

Annabelle goes on to share, through detailed observation of the tree bark, the phases of passing time and growth evidences the many phases of life that we go through both in our external landscape and our own lives. Therein lies the mystery of nature…the process has to go on and will continue onwards, duly touching each and every one of us both atmospherically and emotionally.

The installation is made up of two heavy metal rings duly suspended with rigid frames that protect the inner glass, which in turn contains the sensitive soul, the poetical fragility of her work.

The existence of two circular objects hints on an evolutionary state, of then and now or present and future. Considering this, Annabelle suggests…a soul permeable of changes, in comprehension of interior and exterior landscapes enables the visualization and vision of one’s own evolution.

An idea in motion…

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