When Humanity Extinct

Artist: Azrin Mohd

Medium: Acrylic paint on paper and digital print on 4mm clear acrylic

Size: 69cm x 32.5cm each panel (Set of 7)

Year: 2014


In Azrin Mohd’s studio, echoes call my attention from every angle, echoes so faint yet ever so present. Objects belonging to another space and time are nostalgic witnesses of a soul that brings with her suffering and poetry.

Azrin knows how to resurrect the emotional baggage that has forged over the years of his lifetime, which has been at times difficult.

The colours and patterns printed on canvas used as a backdrop to the installation are echoes of the ‘70s wallpaper, as with his universe of objects accrued through the years of his youth.

The choice of objects used to assemble his installations is dictated by the need to communicate his own story while simultaneously acting as a critic of the common history and that of society.

He is a witness, through his sensitive work, of the passing of time; cognizant of reality, devoid of lies and denial.

Azrin is unwilling to make statements, rather he desires to observe keenly of the reality that we face together…As rational as one may be to the mechanics that ravages in the name of development yet realistically aware of the evolutionary need of the process unending.

In the panels series “When Humanity Extinct” through seven drawings in acrylic on paper, Azrin repeats the famous theory of human’s evolution from quadruped to biped, but inversed. We see the man regressing to the monkey form and superimposed in red letters: EXTINCT. The message of this human landscape is clear…we are moving backwards.

His works have a strong evocative power; embodied by objects disused and by the addition of words engraved, painted and printed in artistic composition…and in kind, conveys the voice of the artist and his reflection.

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