Kampung Lembah Bena No. 1

Artist: Husni Osman

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 122cm x 183cm

Year: 2014


The raw expression is the way in which, through painting, Husni Osman conveys his opinions.

I let my eyes follow this energy in turmoil, continuously running free in the large colour strokes…alike to the free electrons searching a molecule to supply…akin to the uncertainty of grasping the evanescent rays of light.

A twisted wire to life. A battle that exalts life, his inner turmoil and outer…that screams anger and beauty.

Anger does not make it a desperate piece, but instead it conjures a surge of expectations, revolt and hope…when it comes together with a protagonist beauty.

The poetry resides in the courage to accept the unknown within ourselves…this is a key moment in life for Husni, his honest experience as he stood in front of a Mark Rothko painting one day. Initially he does not understand and felt a sense of distrust and disbelief at the avant garde abstract painting, consequently…almost immediately he was overwhelmed with intense emotion. It is with this intense emotion that has changed radically his way of seeing and for us alike, to fully experience the art of this talented street artist cum graphic designer.

Husni’s relationship with the canvas has become a metaphor of existence, resonating through the pure expression of gestures and flow of colours…freedom and liberty at a cost invaluable and boundless.

Specially for his last painting, Husni returns to his kampung where he spent ten years of his life, to rejuvenate his creative senses and refresh the memory of a place that now no longer exists, that has since been devoured by nearby Kuala Lumpur.

Observing the few leavings that escaped urbanization, he offers to us through shades of sepia, a landscape in a limbo between past and present, of nature and urbanscapes.

This artwork confronts us with the ambivalence of modern life’s conditions and the underlying dilemma behind the true meaning of evolution.

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