Artist: Haafiz Shahimi

Medium: Pyrography Print, 90 degree inverted burning and Oil on canvas finished with 2K Matte Paint

Size: 77cm x 186cm

Year: 2015


Four years ago, Haafiz Shahimi started his printmaking with fire…his very first pyrographs were of recycled mechanical elements which posed as abstract compositions.

Today in the painting ‘Land(escape)able’, those same mechanical elements are pyrographed onto canvas with finesse, becoming strong symbolic elements of construction and destruction.

Haafiz maintains the visual ambiguity between landscape and machinery, assimilating the man-made creations to the natural contours of a rocky mountain.

The subject matter of choice is largely based on the more commonly known Chinese landscapes, clearly localized to our Malaysian geography and cultures through familiar landscapes close to our heart.

The intervention of pyrography on the rocks witnessed from afar, suggests the idea of landscape but upclose, man-made mechanisms are vaguely recognizable, duly forming the makeup of the mountain.

Through this artwork, Haafiz emphasises human interference with nature and its constant forcibility to intrude on the forces of nature for urbanization. The irony of industrial capitalism is that it razes everything in its path to subsequently construct an artificial element in its place, a mere replica of nature. In an afterthought, Haafiz raises a possibility; instead, we should adapt ourselves in respect of our surrounding landscape or what we call home.

Often Haafiz takes his bike, leaving for the forest and creeps up naked trails with no fixed destination. His goal…to merely soak in the simple feeling of existence, in being and escape a while from the crowds of urbanization. It is curious realization in such travels…one experiences and appreciates the wonders of Mother Nature, creatively maneuvering through winding paths of the wild undisrupted as one would adapt and succeed unabashedly thriving through our ups and downs of life. Alas, may evolution and development come together with respect.


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