Let Me tell you a Story Slowly

Artist: Yim Yen Sum

Medium: Transferred image on fabric, cloth & rebar

Size: 208cm (H) x 247cm (L) x 181cm (W)

Year: 2015


Nature for Yim Yen Sum is something really abstract and fluid, almost unreal.

And so, this city girl engages the natural landscape almost like an evanescent mirage; it goes beyond one’s pure visionary senses but draws on the world of sensations and memories.

As we progress over time, our life’s moments are filed away. They are always present although seemingly forgotten, akin to places visited wherein details are vague but of which the impression remains alive.

The simple memory envelopes its accompanying sensations and wraps it in a spiral that holds and protects; as with the old film’s foils of then.

This suspended installation invites us to interact with it, to peer inside seeking for fragments of images duplicated. Images duly printed on canvas and sewn; therein lies the closely intertwined and precious moments in the memory of the artist.

Akin to rummaging through her retroactive memory, the installation stands enfolding us in a downward spiral; the spiral…her symbolic way of interpreting nature that seeks affinity between the terrestrial and cosmic realm. It is one of the most common geometric shapes in nature: from the sunflower to the horns of animals; from the motion of cyclones to the DNA molecule; from seashells to galaxies.

What keeps us alive, according to Yim Yen Sum, is the incessant change; like the molting process observed in the strange shapes, organic life forms of nature. A neverending and ceaseless movement as the sea waves crashes on the shore erasing the previous one.

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