Pearl of the Oriental

Artist: Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib

Medium: Photography, Collage, Hand Tinting and Mixed Media on Coffee Paper

Size: 69cm x 45cm with frame

Year: 2010


Traces of coffee stains infer non-existent surreal landscapes into photographic images of suggestive landscapes in faint hues of black-and-white; a result of the photo developing process in darkroom.

The advantage of manual development of the film allows the photographer to achieve the desired effects in a sense more typically artistic than that of the digital process. The effect of prolonged bath in ground coffee renders the images almost gnawed by time; as of old photographs long forgotten in a humid garret through generations in time, only to be found with great emotion, a sudden sense of lost memories.

In art, Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib uses photography and radiography in a very unique way as he urges to address current issues through metaphors of his concerns and reflections of society today.

His obsession?

To marry life’s dualities into a perfect union of beauty amidst today’s many catastrophes, classic human greed and erosion of precious Mother Nature.

Perhaps through a beauty almost dreamed; of ephemeral forms, texture and structure in a nature almost timeless.

In ‘Pearl of the Oriental’, an alarming fungus hovers, reminiscent of the atomic explosions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945, on a placid image of the sea where one can view from afar…the famous Penang bridge.

In spite of the sharp criticism, in the work of Mohd Azlan, therein lies great hope of rebirth…for a new landscape of our civilization, our humanity…and of our faith and beliefs.

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