The Practicality of Camouflage #5

Artist: Louise Low

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 62cm x 122cm

Year: 2015

A sleeping body lies in the middle of nowhere, infused with poetic echoes and dialogues of imaginary mountains and trees inferred by the spontaneous forms of colour textures.

The sound unfolds like a breath of air, between the valleys of a single note, in order to hear the narrating voice of thoughts.

A man’s body, camouflaged by the sand and several female bras, lies dreamily; a man so naturally as perfect complement to that which is so fundamentally different from its own yet so unattainable but essential; the woman.

In the world of the ancient, the woman was the principle of life and death; a mysterious divine life force symbolized by the moon.

Patriarchal knowledge pursues the act of understanding while the matriarchal, deeper insight is emotional as in the creative process.

The feminine archetype is linked to psyche, it’s the experience of creativity, capable of transformation; it’s a mediator between consciousness and elemental world of unconsciousness.

It was she who inspired for life immortal, guided us on our sensory journey to move through a spiritual rebirth.

Elegantly poised albeit the storm, for Louise Low, woman is a symbol of courage. And through all her artworks, paintings or installations, she expresses the esteem for them and the emotional conflict that traverse all women in reality of the promise of equality.

Thus Louise’s choice of camouflage patterns of the female lingerie. It presents itself as a visual commentary that is conflicting yet complementing to the nature of a woman; soft and gentle but incredibly resistant when required.

There is always a minute predatory sense in her artworks, primarily in connection with the nature of survival as it is in the animal kingdom. To camouflage does not mean to surrender but rather to seek out the best way for survival, subtly lying in wait, preserving energy and applying intuition to interpret situations.

Louise addresses the gender issue with irony, with a light touch of fantasy and in this painting, she has successfully re-interpreted the landscape by integrating the human body…a body made of earth.

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