Realm of the Verticall Horizone

Artist: Raja Lope Rasydi Raja Rozlan

Medium: Acrylic, Airbrush and Ink on Canvas

Size: 153cm x 122cm

Year: 2015


With Raja Lope Rasydi Raja Rozlan, we are called to walk in the clouds to explore the remote corners of our imagination. We are inescapably drawn upwards, towards the rocky peaks, the clouds, the constellation…well aboveground, we simply desire to fly.

For Raja Lope, nature is magical, of legends and fantasy. His first inspiration was from the birds and animals drawn in his leisurely youth. According to him, nature is far and above mankind and such in his fantastical paintings, Raja Lope celebrates Mother Nature’s immortality and insatiably vitality.

The painting opens a chink, to gaze through a window to another world that will never die. It is so light and ethereal alive in the imagination of the artist, perched ever so weightlessly on a misty towering stone pillar.

Blue, predominantly the colour of the air and sky, is undoubtedly the colour of choice for Raja Lope. This time however, minimal colours are used with a soft layer of sepia hue, less vivid unlike the paintings before.

The mist, airbrushed to life, mystifies the appearances of the strange beings translucent-like that populate his painting, seemingly awaiting a better world and perhaps in curious contemplation of the going-ons of the world below.

Such beings symbolises our endangered wildlife, of our dying landscape of jungles and forests…our habitat.

What…oh what lies beyond those intent eyes in their mysterious yet defiant gaze into the infinite distance…the infinite wonder?

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