Artist: Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib

Medium: Photography, Collage, Hand Tinting and Mixed Media on Coffee Paper

Size: 53cm x 40cm with frame each (Triptych)

Year: 2014


Traces of coffee stains infer non-existent surreal landscapes into photographic images of suggestive landscapes in faint hues of black-and-white; a result of the photo developing process in darkroom.

The advantage of manual development of the film allows the photographer to achieve the desired effects in a sense more typically artistic than that of the digital process. The effect of prolonged bath in ground coffee renders the images almost gnawed by time; as of old photographs long forgotten in a humid garret through generations in time, only to be found with great emotion, a sudden sense of lost memories.

In art, Mohd Azlan Mohd Latib uses photography and radiography in a very unique way as he urges to address current issues through metaphors of his concerns and reflections of society today.

His obsession?

To marry life’s dualities into a perfect union of beauty amidst today’s many catastrophes, classic human greed and erosion of precious Mother Nature.

Perhaps through a beauty almost dreamed; of ephemeral forms, texture and structure in a nature almost timeless.

A foetus appears in the triptych ‘Rebirth-Unwanted-Unseen’ as a lonely entity searching for better place to stay…an utopia.

In spite of the sharp criticism, in the work of Mohd Azlan, therein lies great hope of rebirth…for a new landscape of our civilization, our humanity…and of our faith and beliefs.

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