Into the Secret

Artist: Suhaidi Razi

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: Variable Sizes (Set of 4)

Year: 2014


The multitalented artist Suhaidi Razi expresses himself mainly through sculpture, painting and drawing; moving from one to another with great ease.

His artworks are imbued with the refreshing essence of nature abundant in east coast of Malaysia, where he resides. We can feel in each of his artworks, the vitality of his spirit so closely connected with space, vegetation and animals, frequently of horses and sheep.

In his painting, there is an aesthetic dimension of meditative emptiness that leaves space for the rich textures and enigmatic presence of metal shapes and symbols.

In his drawings, he plays with organic shapes in charcoal, dirtying the sheet intentionally, letting it flow…setting its form free.

In his sculptures, he breathes life into horses and other animal life forms by welding various metal parts and mechanical components recovered and coarse; upon assembling the same, they come alive and complete, suggesting the wind in the mane of the horse, the sound of bleats crossing the prairie, and finally the smell of wild nature.

For the current exhibition, Suhaidi Razi surprises us once again presenting tiny frames where assemblage and informal art co-exist in a curious microcosm that draws one in for closer scrutiny.

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