Self Portrait – Self Maintenance II

Raja Lope Rasydi Raja Rozlan

Self Portrait – Self-Maintenance II

Mixed Media

Variable Sizes



Self Portrait – Self Maintenance II is a sequel to Raja Lope Rasydi’s first ever self portrait painted in 2013. As part of an ongoing long-term project, the panels reveal fragments of his vibrant inner world. Described by the artist as a “semi-painting installation”, the artwork offers the viewer a glimpse of Raja Lope’s range of skills as well as the subjects that he is passionate about.

From white-painted figurines that portray endangered animals posed against an airbrushed Perspex backdrop reminiscent of a Night at the Safari scene, to a dramatic showdown between toy solders and otherworldly creatures atop a distorted chessboard that portrays issues related to migration, to a cluster of used computer mice illustrating the story of Mickey Mouse and Disney’s rise to popularity, viewers will be able to identify various cinematic elements in Self Portrait – Self Maintenance II, reflecting the artist’s fascination with films.

While the artwork has a light hearted air to it, the panels may be deceptively simple to create, requiring various techniques and copious amounts of found items and not to mention numerous hours of toil. Nevertheless, the artwork also signifies the return of Raja Lope to his roots as an installation artist and a newfound confidence to pursue his artistic vision in the purest sense – and for that alone, the Self Portrait – Self Maintenance II is an important project to watch out for from this talented artist.



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