Artist: Husin Othman

Medium: Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

Size: 72cm x 122cm

Year: 2014


The inexplicable power of attraction to Husin Othman’s paintings is the mystery of the white.

His hue of white is erosive, like the glistening light of noon, which leaves space only for the merciless truth by the sharp edges.

It is a painting full of silence, in stark contrast of its crowded and moving scenes; the images are elusive, quietly suspended in a flashback, in its own vacuum, magically weaving above us amidst our more-often-than-not chaotic lives.

Husin Othman is a contemplative person who knows how to bring out vibrations within his compact yet structured contrast of black and white, just merely with a blade of grass or an unimaginable electric cable. He paints, using almost exclusively in white, black and all possible shades or variants of yellow.

“Sepi” is a little walkway that remains, connecting the door of his childhood kampung house with the world outside. A time ago, it was his favourite playground and it is not hard to imagine him as a child, sitting there in quiet contemplation, envisaging the watery stream, the fish’s flicker, the insects’ buzz and finally…the silence.

The bridge, fragile but still standing, definitely forms an integral part of his life; and now, nearly destroyed, erodes back to nature.

Husin Othman loves the rhythm of the old crumbling wood, as it resonate steps once taken, yet so different from the standardized mood of new wood. Often he returns to this place dear to him, where he re-connects with the space in peaceful self contemplation.

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