Artist: M Shafarin Ghani

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 183cm x 279cm

Year: 2015


Like a thunderstorm, the clouds are gathering in the sky, the energy amass and finally rain falls to impregnate the soil, turning wet and vociferous.

The crystalline rarefied atmosphere with the mountains transfigured brings out the organic lights of Himalayan glaciers; light as material that embraces everything akin to that alive in the crystal.

Spiritual irradiance, an ideological evasion in hyperspace…allusive and metaphorical.

Life, nature…human participating in the life of nature, aspired from the conditions of natural purity leads to that which is intuitive, sensual and instinctive.

Such is the attitude of Shafarin towards reality that we so commonly find in his paintings, where he nourishes a subtle connection…yet intense as always.

The magnificence of Himalayan mountains reverberates in these paintings, owing to not of its physical appearance but rather of its character.

The impression so vivid and indelible duly imprinted in memory, resonates on the canvas as a snowstorm.

For Shafarin, it is so absolutely essential to wholly embrace the concept of acceptance, of ‘pasrah’ (in Malay) as we know it. It is with this understanding and practice can one comprehend the meaning of our existence, without which it would be difficult to move forward and to be in tune with our own wellbeing.

Life is a tool to learn about life…alas time is limited, merely transient.

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