Bulan dan Juga Angin

Artist: Husni Osman

Medium: Oil, Bitumen, Acrylic Modelling Paste, Tissue, Glue Enamel, Cigarette, Bus Ticket

Size: 122 cm x 80 cm

Year: 2009 – 2015


With materials like bitumen, bus ticket scraps and cigarette butts making up part of the thick layers atop Husni Osman’s Bulan dan Juga Angin, the oil painting serves as a visual scrapbook of half a decade of his life. In fact, the work followed Husni around as he relocated several times throughout the years. Like an old trusted friend, the painting has seen Husni at his most vulnerable. It was an outlet for him to pour out his anguish, fears and doubts about his uncertain future, deconstructing and reconstructing its layers to reflect his environment at the given time. As such, the painting is an extremely personal and honest expression of the artist’s deepest emotions.

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