“City” Boy

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Core Design Gallery, known for selecting, developing and harnessing the emerging talents of Malaysian contemporary artists into mid-career and blue-chip artists, has lately discovered a hidden talent, Husni Osman, whose artworks are mostly underground. Husni’s drawings and paintings are fresh, raw and mostly yet to be exhibited in any local galleries thus giving a different flavour to the current Malaysian art scene. This April, Core Design Gallery is pleased to debut the “City” Boy exhibition which consists of two years of his unseen and devoted works.

Husni Osman was born in 1978 in Shah Alam, where he still lives and works. A self taught artist who took to the street to paint and draw portraits, he led a life which most Malays would call “kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang” for many years before he started on this series of portrait paintings.

Dwelling in the squatters of the suburbs since he was young, he feels the lack of self-identity be it as a city boy or kampung boy. Living in the contemporaneity, an era with the influence of globalisation, the new economy and the level of societal formation, he reflects his identity of a middle class Malay. An inequity between the people, classes and individual drives him to paint portraits mostly of himself or other people, expressing his ideologies, religions and persistent dreams of liberation.

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