What is Great Malaysia Contemporary Art (GMCA)?

For the first time in the Malaysia art history, Core Design Gallery brings together the selected Malaysia Contemporary Artists whose works have the critical value and museum quality through a project known as the Great Malaysia Contemporary Art.

The GMCA project is a curated exhibition which consists of selected top contemporary artists within their various genres whose works distinguishes them to be critically acclaimed artists. Each selected artist will be based on their quality of artworks with the ability of producing seminal pieces.

GMCA represents vision of Core Design Gallery to push for Malaysia Contemporary Art to gain international recognition for its critical museum quality and investment value. GMCA is a continuous vision to create the art infrastructure and platform for Malaysia Contemporary Art to step across the border. Core Design Gallery will bring GMCA to participate in various art fairs from yearly local Malaysia Art Expo to international art fairs. GMCA is not about promoting individual artists but as totality of the top notch Malaysia Contemporary Art.

Artists involved in the 1st GMCA at Malaysia Art Expo 2013